This store is a small business, please think carefully before placing an order, please do not abandon the order, thank you!

We operate wholesale based on a large number of high-quality products directly imported from Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, so as to ensure that the goods reach the latest production period from production to sales.

Agents are exempted from parallel imports based on direct purchases, which can ensure genuine products and promote low prices.

So we will only send goods produced within the past 1 year to ensure quality.

Note: This store indicates that the Hong Kong agent is licensed, and all maintenance is carried out by the Hong Kong agent. Customers must keep the purchase receipts and product warranty certificates of our store in order to receive maintenance.

The goods purchased by our store marked in the United States / other regions are all parallel imported goods, and our store is responsible for maintenance!

If you mind the difference in product labels/packaging/appearance, please consider carefully before placing an order.

The goods are shipped directly to Hong Kong from many countries around the world, and the packaging, product labels, maintenance, etc. of the goods may be slightly different from the local version in Hong Kong. But the goods are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. For all parallel imported products (parallel imports) and purchased goods, once the purchase or order is confirmed, cancellations and returns are not allowed.

All brand-new Hong Kong licensed items provide [seven-day damage replacement], and all parallel imported products (parallel imports) also provide [seven-day damage replacement] (excluding man-made damage, water, and flowers) After receiving the goods, the customer, if If you find that the product has a factory quality problem, please contact us immediately, and return the product to us within the time limit to replace it with the same model.

Please note that the returned product must "guarantee that the package is complete", "without any damage and scratches" and "not fill in the warranty card". The company reserves the right to refuse a replacement. When returning, please pack all the items you received and return them to us, including "product manual", "accessories" and "complete packaging".

No agent or representative of the store is authorized to make any warranty, representation or statement regarding the goods; the store does not accept any unauthorized guarantee, representation or representation. In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision.

•The products sold in this store include licensed products and parallel imported genuine products.

Reminder: All products marked in Hong Kong are guaranteed by the Hong Kong agent for three to six months, and the warranty card needs to be filled out.

Those shipped by air from overseas to Hong Kong are parallel imports of genuine goods (parallel imports). Those who insist on perfection or those who are very concerned about the supply of goods, please consider carefully. Do not shoot if you mind! !

Warranty Terms Free Warranty Period:

(Electric tools are only limited to those purchased in this store with receipts/invoices to enjoy the warranty of our store. There is a replacement policy within 7 days if there is any damage)

The products purchased in this store all have body codes/product QR codes, and customers need to provide our store receipts/invoices to our store for verification.

Our store does not accept requests for returns due to the above differences.

return policy

1 If there is any non-human damage within 7 days after the goods leave the house, you can contact our store for a replacement

2 Since the inventory of the online store may not match the existing inventory of the physical store, if some products are temporarily out of stock, customers can choose to refund/wait for the goods to arrive/send some products first/exchange/contact customer service

• Our store does not hold the copyright of any brand. All trademarks and copyrights belong to the brand owner, and the pictures and information reprinted by the supplier are only for sharing purposes, please note.