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What are the conditions for free shipping?
We are currently offering free express delivery on orders of HK$3,000 or more in Hong Kong Macau Free Shipping. Small Parcel Ground Shipping and Free Truck Freight Ground Shipping. Some irregularly shaped or oversized items may incur a special handling fee. Fees will be displayed on the product detail page for applicable products. Offers are subject to change without notice.

Can I receive my order faster than ground shipping?
Yes. For items/orders under 150 lbs, we offer a number of different shipping costs. These options and rates are also calculated during the checkout process.

When will my order be shipped?
Items listed as "in stock" on our website will ship the same day if the order is placed before 12 noon, Monday to Friday. Orders placed after 12 noon will ship the next working day. Weekend orders for "in stock" products will ship on Monday. Items marked "Usually ships within 3-5 weeks" indicate that we do not currently have that product in stock. If it has not been ordered with the manufacturer, our purchasing agent will place an order with the manufacturer within a few days.

Can shipping be delivered to my home?
Yes, goods can be shipped to the physical address you choose when placing your order. FUNG HARDWARE DECORATION CO, FUNG HARDWARE DECORATION CO., FUNG HARDWARE DECORATION CO. offers service for an additional fee on most items under 200 lbs. This option can be selected during checkout. If you call the GOOGX service urgently, it means that the freight company will deliver the goods to the ground for you, not to upstairs or to places with stairs. Once at its destination, it is your responsibility to deliver the order to its final location, Ground Delivery.

What if I have shipping damage?
A signature is required upon delivery of the goods. Before signing for the freight bill of lading, please check the goods for damage and shortage. Be sure to note any damage on the bill of lading. It is your responsibility to verify the condition of the merchandise you receive. If you fail to note any such damage on the bill of lading when you sign for the shipment, you are responsible for shipping damage. If the shipment is accepted, please be sure to note any damage on the Bill of Lading prior to signing for receipt. When you receive your shipment, we encourage you to inspect the product thoroughly, unpacking if necessary, before signing the bill of lading. If serious damage is found, you may choose to refuse the shipment. In case of problems, 852-61363941 , Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 6:30 pm (Hong Kong time).


How do I know if my order is complete?
After successfully completing an online order, you will receive an order confirmation email with your order number. You should receive a confirmation approximately 15 minutes after you complete your order. If you do not receive the email confirmation, please contact our customer service via email: or call 852-61363941.

Can I place an order by phone?
Yes, customers can place orders by phone at 852-61363941 between 10am-6pm, Monday to Saturday.

Can I pay for my order with a purchasing card?


We currently only accept 100% payment for purchase orders from government agencies or schools, and do not accept extended installments.

return the goods

Can I return an item because I don't like it?

Goods imported into China

Is the duty paid by the sender or the recipient?

All taxes incurred by mail must be paid by the recipient

If after the mail arrives in the sending country, you think that the tax to be paid is too high and you refuse to pay, the mail cannot be successfully cleared, and you need to pay additional postage to send the mail back to the sender.

The tariff is paid by the recipient in China, and the tax is paid on delivery. . The tax is determined according to the type, quantity and declared value or duty-paid value (the minimum value of goods established by China Customs) of the goods. According to the requirements of China Customs for the supervision of postal items, the current threshold for personal items is 50RMB, and the tax is not more than RMB 50 can be exempted.

For the tax rate and duty-paid value, please click the link below to view the "Classification Table of Imported Articles of the People's Republic of China" and "Duty-paid Price List of Imported Articles of the People's Republic of China".
Reference link:

SF Express provides two methods for customers to upload the copy of the recipient's identity certificate: official website upload and WeChat upload.

1. Upload a copy of ID card on SF Express official website

Enter the " Customs Clearance Document Picture Upload " page on the official website , fill in the data according to the instructions, and upload the picture.

Safe and reliable

A copy of your uploaded identity document will be stored on SF Express’s secure server and will only be used for customs declaration purposes. We are committed to protecting and respecting your personal privacy, and will never disclose your ID information to the outside world.

7. For prohibited and restricted items in Mainland China, please click here to inquire.

2. Upload a copy of ID card on WeChat

You can upload a copy of your identification document through the official WeChat public service account of SF International Japan. The "SF International Japan" official public service account can provide customers with convenient express service inquiry and status tracking services.


6. A copy of the recipient's identity document for customs declaration

In accordance with the revised "Regulations of the Customs of the People's Republic of China on the Supervision of Inbound and Outbound Express Mail" that came into effect on April 1, 2006, when declaring personal goods inbound and outbound express mail, a copy of the recipient's identity certificate must be provided to the customs.
Reference link:

Taiwan Import and Tariff Instructions

All taxes incurred by the mail need to be paid by the recipient, and the taxes are payable.

If after the mail arrives in the sending country, you think that the tax to be paid is too high and you refuse to pay, the mail cannot be successfully cleared, and you need to pay additional postage to send the mail back to the sender.

Taiwan is fixed at 5%

 Why pay customs duties?

Tariff is the tax imposed by a country on goods imported and exported from its borders. Shopping abroad through the Internet and then transporting it back to Taiwan is considered an import behavior. According to Taiwan's tax law, customs duties need to be paid to the customs.

 The duty-paid price of goods below NT$2,000 is tax-free

According to the Customs Clearance Measures for the Import and Export of Postal Items, imported postal items with a duty-paid value of less than 2,000 yuan are exempt from customs duty, commodity tax and business tax, but excluding tobacco and alcohol and agricultural products subject to tariff quotas. If the duty-paid price exceeds 2,000 yuan, the customs will levy import tax and business tax according to law.
※ Duty-paid price = product purchase price + international shipping fee + insurance fee

 How to calculate the total tax payable?

According to Taiwan's regulations, if the duty-paid value of imported postal parcels exceeds NT$2,000, the customs will impose import duties and sales taxes. The calculation of the total duty payable is as follows:

  • Import Tax Calculation = Duty-paid price x commodity tax rate
  • Sales tax calculation = (duty-paid price + import tax) x business tax rate ※ The business tax rate is fixed at 5% in Taiwan
  • Total tariff = import tax + business tax
  •  How to check the import tax rate?

    Please go to the official website of the Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of China and use its "Tax Rules and Tax Rate Inquiry System" to inquire. The operation steps are as follows:

    first step. Please click Tax Rules and Tax Rate Query System

second step. Please enter the Chinese product name

third step. Please click on the selected CCC Code

Step 4. Please select the national tax rate.