hanputools (Hanpu tools)

Hangzhou Hanpu Tools Co., Ltd. hanputools was established in 2006. It is a new generation enterprise dedicated to the hardware industry. Specializing in the production of electric batch nozzles, air batch batch nozzles, impact batch nozzles, and sleeves.
Our company is officially authorized as hanputools. The sales and promotion of Hanpu Tools in Hong Kong and Macau are authorized to be authentic. ‼ ️
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HanPu Power 漢普 PH2 十字鑽頭適用於鑽孔驅動工具電動工具配件 漢普

HanPu Power PH2 cross drill bit is suitable for drilling drive tools, power tool accessories

HK$25.00 – HK$58.00
Specification DIY supplies carpentry origin Chinese mainland Certification CE