Direct mail to Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan and Southeast Asia

We receive inquiries from customers all over the world every day, hoping to purchase genuine Hong Kong products at Hong Kong duty-free prices. We have a special direct mail service all over the world, hoping to help overseas customers purchase the products of their choice.

The settlement is automatically calculated based on country and product weight. Due to different products and exchange rate fluctuations, overseas orders may require additional shipping charges. If there are any customs clearance or tax issues, the recipient will need to deal with them. (The free shipping offer does not apply to overseas shipping services)

payment method
Customers can use credit card, Alipay and other payment methods. After selecting the country on the settlement page, they can see the relevant payment options.

After-sales maintenance
If the goods are damaged and replaced within seven days, the customer can send the defective goods back to our company within seven days. Please note that customers are required to pay for return postage. The manufacturers of some products will provide local warranty and maintenance services in Hong Kong. Customers need to contact the manufacturer for repairs themselves.

income tax
Some countries are required to levy tariffs on imported goods, and the relevant taxes will be borne by the customer.

delivery time
The shipping time for overseas/Macau orders is an additional 3 working days from the working days listed on the product page.

*Please note that international shipping is not available for products sold by merchants.