Fengye Hardware FUNG HARDWARE DECORATION LIMITED has been operating group buying and purchasing services for many years. We are committed to searching for the best products in the world for everyone, so that everyone can buy what they want without leaving home and sitting at home!

Official website: https://www.fungdecoration.com

The company provides products to over a thousand large institutions and stores. As a wholesaler based in Hong Kong, our company has always provided high-quality products and services; we attach great importance to the product quality of each batch of goods, undergo strict delivery when purchasing, and maintain good relationships with upstream wholesalers to provide customers with reasonable prices. Products of.

We do not want to follow the trend and follow other stores to sell mainstream products. We hope that our products are unique and distinctive to attract everyone. The products we sell are difficult to find in major supermarkets or stores. We hope to help you search for your favorite products from all over the world, so that customers can sit at home and experience the characteristics of each place without having to go there in person.

Our store has been awarded one-star & two-star merchants by PRICE.COM ⭐️❕ We at Fung Yip Hardware FUNGDECORATION have been collecting the latest and most popular products for Hong Kong citizens, and have cooperated with major brands to launch various discounts. We have more than 15,000 real customer visits on Hong Kong's No. 1 price network "Hong Kong Price Network" (PRICE.COM.HK), original and authentic products are guaranteed, and we are a star-rated merchant.

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The company provides a wide range of products, with main origins ranging from China, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe. Any wholesale and retail inquiries are welcome. Specializing in the retail and wholesale of hardware products. Any wholesale and retail inquiries are welcome.

Feng Yip Hardware Tsuen Wan Main Store (currently open)

  • Room 11, 7/F, TCM Centre, 11-19 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan
  • FLAT 11, 7/F INTERNATIONAL, Trade Centre, 11-19 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan

We offer a variety of hardware products, please call us to inquire about the types and prices.